Het Schoolkrantje

Het Schoolkrantje is an independent gay zine about intimacy, created by Christian Koch and Jakobus Valkering. What are the different forms of intimacy and why do some gay men seem to have a fear of vulnerability and intimacy?

Christian and Jakobus created this zine to start a conversation within the LGBTQI+ community about the lack of connection, vulnerability and intimacy. How can we fulfill our desire for less emptiness and loneliness in a scene that seems to be obsessed with sex.

Besides a manifesto, the zine contains photography, and interviews with gay men about their approach to intimacy, like Jakerbate. He anonymously sells his worn underwear or even his fresh cum on the internet. He creates an intimate connection with his buyers by selling a little piece of himself. His buyers like to wear his worn underwear or socks to have a deep intimate connection with him, despite him not revealing his true identity on the net.

If you think about intimacy, you immediatly associate this with a connection between 2 or more guys. Not for Jesse, He just plays with himself for 8 or sometimes 10 hours in a row. Creating a safe and intimate space with his dildos and fuck machine, which he bought from Ali Express, to reconnect and create an energetic flow in which he can heal himself.

We also had a conversation with Andrew, a therapist who organises ‘The Father Wound’ workshops in Berlin. He is convinced that the majority of gay men subconsciously suffer from their own father wound. This wound effects their approach on dating, sexs and relationships. Why does the majority keep on hunting for the emotional unavailable guy? Why are gay men afraid for a true vulnerable connection with someone else? Andrew explains why we have the tendency to have sex with as many guys as we can, renact our relationship with our dad, why we like to watch daddy porn and how we can heal ourselves.

And we had a very moving interview with a master about the relationships with his slaves. How does he create a vulnerable and really deep connection with them? Why do so many guys finally feel safe and experience a deep intimate connection with him, which they have never ever experienced before?

Het Schoolkrantje is an Amsterdam based zine, written in English, costs 10 euros and will be published in a limited edition.

If you want to order your own copy of De Schoolkrantje, please go to the website of the American Book Center in Amsterdam. If you wanna know more about the zine, please send an email to schoolkrantjehet@gmail.com.

Jakobus Valkering
Christian Koch